Metric – The most founder friendly finance app in the world!

Why do I still believe in Metric?

1.5 years since the day we started, and six months to our app going public, I took the time to sit back, zoom out, and ask myself if, and why, I remain bullish on Metric. The answer is a resounding yes, and here is why:

- The app grew, and continues to grow, insanely fast right out of the gate. The virality astounded us. We were building for Pakistan primarily, and not in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that Metric would be downloaded by more than 100,000 businesses in 90+ countries by month 5, with no marketing in those countries. 🎉
- Our customer acquisition cost remains extremely low considering we are B2B, and even on the paid app, our LTV to CAC ratio is 5x, which means every $ we spend acquiring a paid customer, gives us back $5.
- Businesses are not just downloading Metric — they are using it! Our transaction volume (transactions that we have handled) across our 4 plans (free, startup, growth and enterprise) is at USD 41 Million run rate: 104% growth in 9 months. 🚀
- We continue to accelerate despite the macro environment. Since our last fundraise (9 months ago), our ARR has grown by 204% (uncaptured due to our well advertised failure around payments), and by 70% actually received.
- We have been able to partner with 30 organizations, including 5 outside of Pakistan. We have conducted 20 demos, and directly taught 800 plus businesses how to manage their finances better, in Pakistan, Dubai, Sharjah and Palestine, over the last three months. This number continues to grow! 🎊

I am bullish on Metric because all of these are indicators of how critical this problem continues to be for millions of businesses across the globe. I am bullish on Metric because our awesome team is dedicated to building solutions that will help business owners accelerate their growth with a firm handle on their finances. We will not rest until accounting and business financial management is fully democratized and accessible to all. The possibilities are endless, when your cause is the cause of #entrepreneurship.