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Introducing PDF Reports

We’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing update for our Growing plan users—introducing the ability to instantly access and navigate your monthly PDF reports directly within Metric! How It Works: Simply head to the Reports section, tap on Monthly Reports, and choose the specific month and report you want to explore. The navigation is seamless, providing […]

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Trend Graphs | Product Update

In the busy business world, every choice matters. As business owners, you shape your own dreams, growing your ventures and exploring the complex landscape. Have you ever wished for a way to look back in time, check how your business has been doing, and use that info to make smarter decisions? Well, that’s exactly what

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Introducing Net Profit Margin

Amidst many other newly added features aimed at enhancing the transparency of your business’s financial health, the Net Profit Margin Is a highlight. Think of it as your financial X-ray, unveiling the inner workings of your business’s fiscal well-being. This metric shows you the percentage of revenue that turns into pure profit after covering all

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Introducing Metric's VAT Revolution: Transforming UAE Business Finances!

Introducing Metric’s VAT Revolution: Transforming UAE Business Finances!

For our valued Metric users in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we’re excited to introduce a game-changing feature – VAT Integration! Simplify your tax management and streamline your finances with ease. Managing Value Added Tax (VAT) has never been this effortless. How It Works Adding VAT to your transactions is now as simple as 1-2-3:

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