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What is Metric Pro

Metric Pro is an upskilling program for accountants. The program aims to familiarize accountants with the basics of Metric (the simplest financial intelligence app in the world). After becoming a Metric pro, accountants will save 100s of accounting hours, expand their accounting business and get generous commissions for every new client. Along with all of this, accountants will be able to report complex business metrics in seconds that will help their clients drive data back decisions and grow faster.

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Our Instructors

Omar Pervaiz Khan

Co-Founder and Director, Metric

Muneeb Arif Khan

Head of Finance and Strategy, Metric

Rabail Khan

Product Lead, Metric

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There is no strict eligibility criteria for the program and anyone can take the certification. If you are an accountant, or are enrolled in an accounting degree/program this certification is highly relevant for you.

Not at all! Metric is the most founder friendly app and is designed keeping in mind founders of small and medium sized businesses with no or little accounting background.

It is designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complex accounting jargons used, simply scan your receipts or fill in details manually for income and expense entries and you’re done!

Yes it does! Metric is built for business at day one, month one, year one, or more. Businesses from different sectors ranging from AI to Ecommerce to Travel and Transport can track metrics, monitor financial health and gain sector insights using the app.

We're working on lots of integrations – watch this space!

Metric is built by entrepreneurs, industry experts, and venture capital investors. We have spent years working with thousands of startups to understand the challenges around financial management for young businesses. We believe it is impossible for a business to survive and grow without the right financial tracking and insights.

This is the problem we are trying to solve. Metric is excited to join your team!