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Introducing Multiple Products

Running a business you often sell multiple products to a single customer. In such a situation you often have to add separate income transactions for each product sold. This is not only time-consuming but makes it difficult to track multiple sales to a single customer. This leads to errors, and leaves one frustrated, wasting valuable time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Now, what could be a solution to save one from this trouble? We’re excited to announce a new feature in Metric that simplifies the process of creating invoices for multiple products to a single party. This latest update lets you save multiple products sold in a single income transaction and share that invoice with your customer!

How it works:

  1. Add a new income 
  2. Choose the option of adding multiple products 

While adding a new income, you can now select multiple products sold in a single order. 

  1. Choose from saved or add a new one 

If you have to enter from a list of already saved items, hover through the product list and keep adding the ones bought. Tap to add a new product if it’s not already on the list. 

  1. Voila! Leave the rest on us

Your work is done, Metric fills the rest of the form for you. When you add already saved products, the details will be autofilled like the total income and cost of sales fields. This avoids wasting time on repeating robotic tasks and lets you spend your time on better tasks instead. 


  1. Minimizes multiple invoices to same client 

With this new feature, you can now add multiple products or services in a single income transaction, making it easier to track multiple sales to a single customer. As a result, when you have to generate a receipt, you can get it made for this one transaction covering all the products. 

  1. Autofills information 

Entering the same details multiple times wastes time and also causes errors in retyping. The autofill feature also saves you time and ensures that you don’t miss any important details. This update simplifies your accounting process and helps you stay on top of your business finances.