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Introducing Single and Bulk Orders

As a small business owner having a limited budget, you have to manage everything yourself. Metric helps you in creating invoices and tracking expenses but you have to add entries for income transactions. This is time-consuming and can get confusing at times. You often find yourself making mistakes and end up having to spend more …

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Introducing Multiple Products

Running a business you often sell multiple products to a single customer. In such a situation you often have to add separate income transactions for each product sold. This is not only time-consuming but makes it difficult to track multiple sales to a single customer. This leads to errors, and leaves one frustrated, wasting valuable …

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Introducing Multiple User Access

You are the founder of a growing business using Metric to manage your finances. In the initial stages, it was easy to add your entries regularly and let Metric keep track of them all. Now that your business is expanding, the workload of managing everything on your own is becoming overwhelming. While metric automates a …

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